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Update: tsnX.3 – Registration/Login Fixed

The issues that we had with the cache and logging in after you registered have been fixed. There is nothing more frustrating than going through a mod that has worked in the past, but doesn’t work this time, because everything else that it had interacted with before has changed.

The category hierarchy mod changed the original registration form that comes with phpbb. But when I installed the Profile Control Panel, it created its own registration form. Well, the CH changes to the original gave it the ability to generate the cache and updated parts of the forum accordingly when things in the profile were changed. That ability was not in the Profile Control Panel, which was causing a headache with the cache.

So I found out what makes the cache, and put those snips of code into the Profile Control Panel registration page (which is also the profile edit page), and now things have worked for one test user. There is another, Rueishness, that is going to test its functionality soon.

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Well, I registered for it, it worked but I was looking through the preferences and I looked at the forum skins available and I, being the dumb one, selected Default and submitted it, and it caused a critcal error and now I can’t even log in.

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