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Update: tsnX – Sub-forums, 80% complete

This is the longest mod to do by hand, because it’s sooooo long. It was one I was hoping to do with the EasyMod script. But it’s about 80% done. After that comes the Profile Control Panel mod, and hopefully I can still use the EasyMod script on it, but if not, then that one should take tomorrow night to do as well. I don’t have school Thurs, Tues, or Thurs of this/next week at night, so that will help. I also have to finish my taxes this weekend, and study for a quiz on Friday night for my Real Estate class, so some of my time will be spent doing that.

When I get a working site up with those two features, the Sub-forums, and PCP, then I Will start allowing people to access it and use it to post temporarily. Your posts and stuff won’t stay when I put the database info on it, and you’ll get to see the site rise from simple phpBB to the essence of tsnX right before your eyes.

Once I get the mods installed, then I’ll start creating the template for the site. I’ll also post a couple of the features in a post here soon, to show SOME of the things that are new, that are changed, that are moved, and that aren’t going to be in this one.

I haven’t forgotten about the tsnlocal either. I’ll be posting that information here for those that want to join it this weekend too.

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2 replies on “Update: tsnX – Sub-forums, 80% complete”

Awesome dude… anything going to change? Like, will we still be able to to read threads that we have already posted?

You know what sucks dude? I broke my leg the day the-spot went down…..all I can do now is get on the internet, and now I have one less thing to do, lol. Its all good though. Keep up the great work Neo. We really do appriciate it.

haha, I read about that. If you subscribe to the RSS Feeds you were still able to read anyone that had favorites links to the posts that were made. I don’t have access to the feed right now, because I deleted my subscription since the site is down, and it’s getting pulled off the corporate internet…

But for those that are curious, the gist was that WTM Broke his ankle and is on crutches for about 6 weeks…so he’ll be coming home with crutches on his leave, and hobbling around drunk :-p

Um, I’m not sure what you’re asking though about the site. If you’re talking about the fluke where it shows your new post that you just made, in the New Posts table, I don’t think that will be the case…I try to get rid of that because you know what you just said – but you also have the option to click View Post after you make it to see it.

There are going to be some changes though, and I’ll get a list of some of them up soon. But I’ll keep a majority of them a secret to entice people to explore around the site. 😉

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