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Update: tsnX – Beta Release information, Upgrade to 2.0.20 @ 100%

Well, I updated the files necessary for the .19 to .20 switch, but for some reason, the page still says that I am running .19. So I will have to go edit the database to get it to show the proper version, and then all will be well – and I can take a break from this coding to write my reports and studying for my tests, and read my book for another report for class.

So for all who are interested in beta-testing tsnX’s forums while they are updated to the proper tsnX version, you can go here, to and partake of the new spottie goodness.

Anything you post here will probably be removed when I go back and move the old database over to the new database. That’ll take place next weekend I believe…no guarantees though – depends on how things go with the other updates. It’s pretty difficult to create a site like tsn out of nothing, and in a short timespan.

So do it, do it. Post any errors you have in here, or on the forums. Don’t IM me about it – I don’t want 5 IMs for the same error message. And before you make a post, check here or on the board to see if someone else has already posted about it. Be a good beta tester, not an annoyance. Thanks.

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5 replies on “Update: tsnX – Beta Release information, Upgrade to 2.0.20 @ 100%”

Yeah, I see that your beta is the default SubSilver skin phpbb v2.

I updated my own forum to phpbb v2 with the DAJ_Glass skin installed. I have yet to get anyone to check it out though…Oh well. :ohwell:

well, it’s not going to stay that skin, that’s just what is default for it. I don’t use pre-made skins, because (no offense) they’re for the web-design-challenged. And there’s not going to be a skin that means tsnX unless it’s created by the creator of tsn.

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