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Update: Tormachi

The idea for Tormachi was to make the program, Hamachi, able to connect through any internet configuration. The problem we continually ran into was that in a corporate, and sometimes school network, the handshake to join the Hamachi “network”, which issues the “5.” ip address would fail. The reason for this was commonly blocked ports. Our idea, was to allow Hamachi to use the common internet interface card and connect to the Hamachi “network” via common ports 80, 8080, or 443. Therein lies a problem: localized port redirection. This means that we’d need our local computer to run a virtual port redirection service. In other words, we need program traffic on port 1010 to redirect via our software to port 8080. Not as easy at it sounds, that’s for sure.

So, as we found what we needed, and found that our efforts are in vain trying to develop the technology on which others are probobly also working, we’ve moved onto the next step…

Indexing the tsnlocal network.

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